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Doug Foreman (DGF)

Worshipful Company of Farriers

Welcome! My name is Doug Foreman, I’m a registered farrier (AWCF Associate of the Worshipful Company  of Farriers), and have both trained and worked throughout Sussex for the last 30 years. I’m happy to shoe most types of horses.

I’m passionate about shoeing, and do my best to keep up with advances in the farrier world. I’m always interested in learning new techniques, but this should never detract from the basic principles of horse shoeing.

I’m more than happy to do anything from a simple trim (I also practice in Barefoot Trimming), to regularly shoeing an entire stable yard.  If your horse isn’t sound, then I’ll gladly consult and work with vets in carrying out any remedial work.

Mobile Phone Number: 07595 416294

You can Call or Send a Text Message to 07595 416294. If I don’t answer or reply, it’s highly likely that I’m driving or under a horse.  I’ll always call you back or reply to your message as soon as I am able.

Doug Foreman

DGF – Providing First Class Farriery (Shoeing, Trimming, Remedial Work) across the Sussex area.

First Class Farriery

The Equine Foot


Chestnuts Riding School – Brighton/Sussex/UK:

“Doug has been our farrier for more years than I can remember, he always provides us with a high standard of shoeing, is flexible and genuinely a nice guy.  We’re proud to have him as our farrier, and he will without a doubt be keeping our Riding School horses and ponies trimmed, shod and sound for many years to come.”